3 Effective Methods To Optimize Your Customer Support Operations

Building out a customer support infrastructure and taxonomy within your CRM or in-house toolset is crucial to establishing the foundation for proper data collection in which you can tell a story that drives innovation.

Here are 3 simple tips to get you started whether you’re using Desk, Zendesk, Freshdesk, or Kayako.

Utilize ITIL Best Practices

Not everyone has experience with ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). This is not a problem as it’s easy to learn for free or through credentials. ITIL utilization empowers support champions to truly understand the benchmarks of the customer data and interactions coming through all channels while allowing to optimize where necessary. Some standard custom fields to utilize for top-level categorization includes the following:

  • How-To or Usability
  • Bug Report or Bug Investigation
  • Feature Request
  • Service Request
  • Sales Ops

Start with these at the top of the hierarchy. We’ll segment based on these categories.

Configure Your Support CRM Taxonomy

It’s crucial to build out your support and data gathering foundation on the most granular basis possible. Data is useless if it’s not constructed properly. You want to build out a taxonomy based on product components in association with the feature-sets in which support them. I normally approach this with a top-level category, feature-set custom fields, and possibly one more granular level depending on the data gathering strategy.

Recommendations: Research the main areas of product usage that customers are engaging with. You want to build the taxonomy based on data that reflects the customer needs. This will drive valuable and actionable user data in which you can share with Product and Engineering.

  • Conduct minimal A/B testing to see what is most effective in your data gathering efforts. Don’t forget, we want this data to make product improvements and innovation to increase customer experience. Adjust campaign where needed.
  • Invest in tested data-driven initiatives and retrospect. The one awesome takeaway from data and ops analysis is that you walk away learning so much. Never underestimate data ops and invest in the right people. It can hinder or save humanity. It’s up to all of us.
  • Don’t be afraid to take action, and adjust as needed, This is always a work in progress.

Don’t Just Act But Take Action

We are in an era of tremendous opportunity and voice. Utilize it! Don’t let your voice and perspective go unheard. Humanity depends on it regardless of your position. There is a common acronym for Voice of Customer (VOC). I like to think I coined Voice of Support (VOS). When your team has the resources necessary for success, it will translate to the customer experience. When they don’t, you experience unnecessary pain points. There’s no need for that!

Some final tips:

  • Review historical data to improve
  • Leverage client-facing employee feedback; they’re on the front-lines
  • Look for areas to optimize and improve current strategy

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